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Ladybird Beetle inspired deployable glider

Origami can enable structures that are compact and lightweight. The facets of an origami structure in traditional designs, however, are essentially nondeformable rigid plates. Therefore, implementing energy storage and robust self-locking in these structures can be challenging. We note that the intricately folded wings of a ladybird beetle can be deployed rapidly and effectively sustain aerodynamic forces during flight; these abilities originate from the geometry and deformation of a specialized vein in the wing of this insect. We report compliant origami inspired by the wing vein in ladybird beetles. The deformation and geometry of the compliant facet enables both large
energy storage and self-locking in a single origami joint. On the basis of our compliant origami, we developed a deployable glider module for a multimodal robot. The glider module is compactly foldable, is rapidly deployable, and can effectively sustain aerodynamic forces. We also apply our compliant origami to enhance the energy storage capacity of the jumping mechanism in a jumping robot.

Keywords : #Gliding, #Jumping, #Origami, #Multi-modal robot


Related papers and patents

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Related papers and patents


Sang-Min Baek

Postdoctoral Researcher

· E-mail : bsm6656 at
· Research Topic : Bio-inspired robots & Origami-inspired robots

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