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Biology has lots of inspiration for creating the new mechanisms. New component technologies, such as soft materials, novel fabrications methods, novel actuator technology and novel fabrication technology, are important for realizing the biologically inspired novel mechanisms. We apply these  technologies to build soft wearable robots for people with disability, novel soft robots, bionic hand, and bio-inspired robots with mobility. Most of all, the goal of the SNU Biorobotics Lab is to foster and educate innovative  and empathetic researchers that will be the agents of change for the future.


Wearables & Prosthetics

Soft wearable robots and prosthetic hands designed to enhance human independence through assistance, rehabilitation, sports augmentation, and overall quality of life improvement

Bioinspired Robots

Bioinspired Robots

Small-scale locomotive robots inspired by the specialized movements of natural creatures and multi-modal locomotive robots capable of effectively overcoming diverse environments

Soft Robots

Soft Robots

Soft biologically inspired mechanisms, materials, and actuators toward developing innovative ways of creating motion for robotic applications


Deployable Robots

Robots capable of changing its size and configuration between a compact state to be stored or mobile, and a deployed state to be functional

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