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Modularized bottom-up design platform for soft robotics

Soft material based soft robots have been fabricated with molding and casting methods. These fabrication methods are considered as top-down design approach, because all components and shape of the robot are custom designed to fit robots’ function. We introduce modularized bottom-up design concept to build soft robots by assembling prefabricated standard soft robotic bricks as similar as playing with toy bricks. With our modularized soft bricks, end users creatively and freely build various shapes of soft robots with different motions. We hope our approach extend filed of soft robotics.

Keywords : #Soft material, #Soft actuator, #Novel fabrication method


Related papers and patents

Jun-Young Lee, Woong-Bae Kim, Woo-Young Choi, and Kyu-Jin Cho, “Development of a Modularized Design Concept for Soft Robotics: Introducing SoBL, a Soft Robotic Block,” IEEE ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION MAGAZINE, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 30–41, Sep. 2016. [PDF]

Jun-Young Lee, Jaemin Eom, Woo-Young Choi, Kyu-Jin Cho, “Soft LEGO: Bottom-Up Design Platform for Soft Robotics,” 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). [PDF]


· E-mail : ljy.onefineday at
· Research Topic : Soft morphing structures & Soft adaptable mechanisms 

Ph.D. Candidate

Jun-Young Lee


· E-mail : wbae2010 at
· Research Topic : Soft robotics

Ph.D. Candidate

Woong-Bae Kim


· E-mail : wychoi502 at
· Affiliation : Tmax


Woo-Young Choi

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