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An omnidirectional jumper

Jumping is a rapid and efficient locomotion for small-scale animals and robots to pass through rough terrain. In order for jumping robots to be used in practical situations, such as planetary exploration, search and rescue, they should have expanded locomotion capabilities. An omnidirectional jumper which is capable of steering, self-righting and take-off angle adjustment has been developed to expand locomotion capabilities. Take-off angle adjustment can expand the trajectory of the jumping from a single line to a plane, steering can expand from a plane to a space, and self-righting multiples the movable space. However, Integration of additional functions increases mass and reduce the jumping performance. To minimize the mass increase, our strategy was to minimize the number of actuators. Therefore, this robot can perform four functions with only two actuators.

Keywords : #Jumping


Related papers and patents

Sojung Yim, Sang-Min Baek, Gwang-Pil Jung, and Kyu-Jin Cho, “An Omnidirectional Jumper with Expanded Movability via Steering, Self-Righting and Take-off Angle Adjustment,” in IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2018. [PDF]


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· Research Topic : Bio-inspired Robots

M.S. Candidate

Sojung Yim


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· Research Topic : Bio-inspired Robots & Origami-inspired robots

Ph.D. Candidate

Sang-Min Baek

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· Affiliation: Professor at Seoul Nat'l Univ. of Science and Tech. (서울과학기술대학교)


Gwang-Pil Jung

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