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Origami Wheel

A wheel is one of mankind's oldest and best inventions and has been used for most mobile devices and vehicles. Here, we propose a novel variable-diameter wheel design which combines the function of deformable wheel and airless tire by using a soft material based origami inspired design. By simply folding a patterned sheet into a wheel shape, a variable-diameter wheel was built without lots of mechanical parts and a complex assembly. Soft material allows the wheel’s diameter to change to more than 2.5 times of its original size, and origami structure allows the wheel to bear more than 400 times of its weight. The proposed wheel structure is an innovative concept that has not been tried before. We believe that it has enough potential to establish a new type of wheel design concept. The proposed wheel structure is capable of greatly enhancing the mobility of its applied devices that require to move in various environments such as an exploration robot in an extreme area and personal mobility.

Keywords : #Origami, #Transforming wheel

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D.-Y. Lee, S.-R. Kim, J.-S. Kim, J.-J. Park, and K.-J. Cho, "Origami Wheel Transformer: A Variable-Diameter Wheel Drive Robot Using an Origami Structure," Soft Robotics, May. 2017 [PDF]

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Variable diameter wheel (U.S. Patents Registration number 9,415,631)


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