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Rapid Soft Morphing Locomotion Inspired by Venus Flytrap

The Venus flytrap can close leaves within 100 ms by using bistability of its leaf. Inspiring the Venus flytrap, we develop a flytrap robot generating a rapid soft morphing locomotion by utilizing snap-through of bistability.

In this study, we undertstand the basic principle of bi-stable structures, design various novel bistable structures and apply the bistable structures to practical applications. Using shape memory alloy(SMA), the robot actuates artificial leaves made from asymmetrically laminated carbon fiber reinforced prepregs(CFRP). The bending propagates from one edge to the entire surface and eventually generates an overall shape change. The curvature change of the artificial leaf is 18 m-1 within 100 ms when closing.

Keywords : #Gripper, #Smart material


Related papers and patents

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Related papers and patents

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