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Inchworm inspired Omega-Shape robot

This robot is based on the motion of ascotis selenaria, a type of inchworm with a locomotion that has an omega shape bending motion in between the extension motions. This type of inchworm can travel approximately its body length per stroke on a rough surfaces, leaf edges and branches of trees. The robot is built with smart composite microstructures, a fabrication method that uses laser micromachining to cut composites and assemble them into micro structures. The robot is actuated with a single shape memory alloy coil actuator.

There is a lot of design parameters in the SCM 2D-pattern design. For example, SMA coil actuators solder position can change the bending angle of a flexure joint, and various geometric parameters exist on 2D pattern design of SCM Universal joint like e.g. angle of each triangle shape and length of square. These parameters affect the final performance of the robot and energy consumption.

Keywords : #Crawling, #Smart material


Related papers and patents

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Related papers and patents


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· Affiliation :  Professor of Ajou University


Je-Sung Koh​

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