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"Gripper" 검색 결과: 13개의 아이템

  • BucklingGripper | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Wearables & Prosthetics Bioinspired Robots Soft Robots Deployable Robots Catepillar-inspired Buckling Gripper The mechanism is demonstrated on a gripping device called the “Buckling gripper.” The Buckling gripper achieves adaptive gripping on rugged, uneven, and undulating surfaces typically The key design principle of the Buckling gripper is inspired by a caterpillar’s proleg that highly deforms This key principle is applied to the gripper via flexural buckling.

  • Soft Robots | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Deployable Suction Gripper Applying suction grippers in unstructured environments is a challenging task The spring-inserted gripper body deploys and conforms to distant and tilted objects until the suction This seamless deployment and retraction is enabled by connecting the gripper body and suction cup to the same vacuum source, which couples the vacuum picking and retraction of the gripper body. Experimental results validated that the proposed gripper can pick objects within 79 mm, which is 1.4

  • Venus-flytrap | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Keywords : #Gripper, #Smart material Related papers and patents Seung-Won Kim, Je-Sung Koh, Jong-Gu Lee JunghyunRyu, Jonggu Lee, Maenghyo Cho, and Kyu-Jin Cho, “Development of an energy efficient lightweight gripper

  • Dual-morphing Origami | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Keywords : #Soft material, #Soft actuator, #Gripper Related papers and patents Woongbae Kim, Junghwan

  • Research Overview | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Upper limb , Prosthetic hand , Sports , Jumping , Crawling , Climbing , Gliding , Multi-modal robot , Gripper

  • Lab News | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    received a bronzed medal from 19th Samsung Humantech Paper Award with the paper, "Under-actuated adaptive gripper 2013-01 Best poster award 1st prize, "Biologically Inspired Adaptive Gripper using Flexural Buckling" competition, IDETC, Chicago 2012-08 Best Poster award, "Development of an energy efficient light weight gripper 2012 ISGMA 2012-08 Gwanpil Jung received 4th Place award with , "Under-actuated Passive and Adaptive Gripper

  • Other Conference Papers | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Woo-Young Choi and Kyu-Jin Cho, "Material Selection of Anchor Parts for Tendon-Driven 3d Printed Soft Gripper Woo-Young Choi, Woongbae Kim, Jae-Ryeong Choi and Kyu-Jin Cho, "Design Methodologies for Tendon Driven Soft Gripper Kyu-Jin Cho, “Soft robotic grippers inspired by the flytrap and the proleg of an inchworm“, International and Morphological Computation, 2013 Gwang-Pil Jung and Kyu-Jin Cho, “Biologically Inspired Adaptive Gripper Junghyun Ryu, Jonggu Lee, Maenghyo Cho, Kyu-Jin Cho, “Development of an energy efficient lightweight gripper

  • Home | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Upper limb , Prosthetic hand , Sports , Jumping , Crawling , Climbing , Gliding , Multi-modal robot , Gripper

  • Refereed Conference Papers | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Jongwoo Kim, Sun-Pill Jung, Chunwoo Kim, Kyu-Jin Cho, “A Preliminary Study on Customizable Origami Grippers Jaemin Eom, Jae-Ryeong Choi, Kyu-Jin Cho, "Soft Adaptive Suction Gripper: Combining Finger Grasp and Gwang-Pil Jung, Useok Jeong, Je-Sung Koh and Kyu- Jin Cho, “The Development of a Scalable Underactuated Gripper Gwang-pil Jung, Je-sung Koh and Kyu-Jin Cho, “Meso-scale Compliant Gripper Inspired by Caterpillar’s

  • Journal Articles | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Physical Parameters and Vision Data on Deep Learning-based Grip Force Estimation for Fluidic Origami Soft Grippers Cho, "Perching and grasping using a passive dynamic bioinspired gripper," in IEEE/ASME Transactions on [PDF] Yuna Yoo, Jaemin Eom, MinJo Park, and Kyu-Jin Cho, "Compliant Suction Gripper with Seamless Deployment Dual-Origami Design that Enables the Quasisequential Deployment and Bending Motion of Soft Robots and Grippers Vol.23, No.1, Jan. 2014. 2013 Gwang-Pil Jung, Je-Sung Koh, and Kyu-Jin Cho, “Underactuated Adaptive Gripper

  • Bioinspired Robots | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Omegabot Inchworm inspired Omega-Shaped robot View Project BucklingGripper Caterpillar-inspired Buckling Gripper

  • Domestic | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Gwang Pil Jung, Je-Sung Koh, and Kyu-Jin Cho, “Adaptive gripper mimicking large deforming proleg of hydraulic [PDF] 고제성, 정광필, 조규진, “형상기억합금 스프링 액추에이터와 복합재를 이용한 자연 모사 소형 Gripper 성능 연구”, 한국정밀공학회 추계학술대회논문집, pp. 591-

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