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"Novel fabrication method" 검색 결과: 26개의 아이템

  • Journal Articles | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Hyungmin Choi, Kyu-Jin Cho, and Sungho Jo, "Single to Multi: Data-Driven High Resolution Calibration Method Kwon, Hochang Lee, Joonbum Bae, Yong-Lae Park, Kyu-Jin Cho, and Sungho Jo, “Review of Machine Learning Methods Sun-Pill Jung, Gwang-Pil Jung, Je-Sung Koh, Dae-Young Lee, and Kyu-Jin Cho, “Fabrication of Composite Je-Sung Koh, Dae-Young Lee, Ji-Suk Kim, Seung-Won Kim and Kyu-Jin Cho, “Design and Fabrication of Soft Hoffman, ” A Novel Multi-Axis Force Sensor for Microrobotics Applications” J.

  • Refereed Conference Papers | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Jongwoo Kim, Yoonjeong Kim, Kyu-Jin Cho, and Keri Kim, "Development and Preclinical Trials of a Novel Jongwoo Kim, Chunwoo Kim, Sungchul Kang, and Kyu-Jin Cho, “A Novel Variable Stiffness Mechanism for Minimally Wood, “Design, fabrication and analysis of a body-caudal fin propulsion system for a microrobotic fish Asada, “A recursive frequency tracking method for passive telemetry sensors,” American Control Conference Asada, “A recursive frequency tracking method for passive telemetry sensors,” American Control Conference

  • Other Conference Papers | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Jumping Robot Capable of Steering, Adjusting the Take-off Angle, Self-righting and its Obstacle Detection Method Inwook Koo, Brian Byunghyun Kang, and Kyu-Jin Cho, “Novel Mechanism of Bending-type Pneumatic Artificial Dae-Young Lee, Sa-reum Kim, Ji-Suk Kim, Jae-Jun Park and Kyu-Jin Cho, “Fabrication of Origami Structure and evaluation of robotic strength rehabilitation algorithms: Isokinetic, isotonic and shared control method Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence(URAI 2010) 2009 Jesung Koh, Kyujin Cho, “Design and fabrication

  • BoA sensor | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    The screw sensor routing method is proposed to minimize the coordination effect between the sensor and It was determined that there exists statistical significance between the proposed screw-routing method Bend-sensor, #Motion Sensing, #Smart suit Related papers and patents Useok Jeong and Kyu-Jin Cho, "A Novel The proposed reliability analysis methodology could be applied to other soft robotic systems like pneumatic

  • Variable Stiffness | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    [PDF] Conference Papers Jongwoo Kim, Chunwoo Kim, Sungchul Kang, and Kyu-Jin Cho, “A Novel Variable Stiffness

  • Venus-flytrap | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    In this study, we undertstand the basic principle of bi-stable structures, design various novel bistable

  • Flea | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    the torque reversal mechanism with shape memory alloy actuators and a smart composite microstructure fabrication method.

  • Wearables & Prosthetics | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Guyeol Jeong · E-mail : · Research Topic : Wearable robots Intention detection methods While traditional methods relying on biosignal and mechanical sensors required extensive calibration These methods intuit user intentions for wearable hand robots without the need for personal calibration Unlike previous methods that required intense, person-specific calibrations, VIDEO-Net detects user intentions This method surpasses traditional multi-sensor systems in reliability and simplicity, effectively addressing

  • Water strider | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    of the hydrodynamic phenomena used by semi-aquatic arthropods during water jumping and prescribe a method

  • GRIPit | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    However, there are limitations cause from various transmission and actuation methods for high degree

  • Patent | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    조규진,김지석,이대영,박용재,김계리,강성철, "비등방성 패턴을 갖는 튜브 연속체 로봇 및 튜브 제조 방법(TUBE CONTINUUM ROBOT AND MANUFACTURING METHOD 김지석, 고제성, 이준영, 조규진, "형상기억 고분자를 이용한 결합체 및 이의 제조방법(FASTENER USING MEMORY POLYMER AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING 조규진,김지석,이대영,박용재,김계리,강성철, "TUBE CONTINUUM ROBOT AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING TUBE HAVING ANISOTROPIC PATTERNS

  • Domestic | SNU Biorobotics Lab.

    Christian Bundschu, 조규진, "Wearable Devices with inherent variable stiffness: a proposed method for simplified 김종우, 김천우, 강성철, 조규진, "Novel Concentric Tube Wrist toward Minimally Invasive Surgery ," 대한의료로봇학회 제8차 학술대회

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