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Robotic fish with Compliant Caudal fin

The compliance of a fin affects the thrust of underwater vehicles mimicking the undulatory motion of fish. Determining the optimal compliance of a fin to maximize thrust is an important issue in designing robotic fish using a compliant fin. We found a simple method to identify the condition for maximizing the thrust generated by a compliant fin propulsion system. By observing the relationship between the thrust and phase difference, we conclude that while satisfying the zero velocity condition, the maximum thrust is obtained when a compliance creates a phase difference of approximately π/2 at a certain undulation frequency. This half-pi phase delay condition is proven by the fluid dynamic analysis using a digital particle image velocimetry. This condition can be used as a guideline to select the proper compliance of a fin when designing a robotic fish. Using this condition and an in-house variable stiffness mechanism, we developed and tested a novel variable stiffness flapping mechanism for a robotic dolphin system. 

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Related papers and patents

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Yong-Jai Park

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