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Welcome to the SNU Biorobotics Laboratory. Since the fall of 2008, SNU biorobotics lab has been developing soft biologically inspired mechanisms and robots especially with the goal of developing innovative ways of creating motion without rigid joints and rigid links for life-like robots. 

Biology has lots of inspiration for creating the new mechanisms. New component technologies, such as soft materials, novel fabrications methods, novel actuator technology and novel fabrication technology, are important for realizing the biologically inspired novel mechanisms. We apply these  technologies to build soft wearable robots for people with disability, novel soft robots, bionic hand, and bio-inspired robots with mobility. Most of all, the goal of the SNU Biorobotics Lab is to foster and educate innovative  and empathetic researchers that will be the agents of change for the future.



Our paper "High–load capacity origami transformable wheel" has been published in Science Robotics as a cover. [Science Robotics][PDF][Youtube]


Our work is on IEEE SPECTRUM : CaseCrawler Adds Tiny Robotic Legs to Your Phone


Our paper "Ladybird beetle-inspired compliant origami" has been published in Science Robotics as a cover. [Science Robotics][Youtube]


Our lab participated in the 2020 CES exhibition in Las Vegas. We apply the feedback we received from different professionals of various field into our research.


We hosted an end of the year party. Thank you for all your hard and good work of 2019.


Our paper "Bioinspired dual-morphing stretchable origami" has been published in Science Robotics. [Youtube][TechXplore]


JaeMin Eom, Sung-Yol Yu, Woongabe Kim and Jeong-Ryul Song won The Silver Prize in the Young Engineers Category at KSME-SEMES Open Innovation Challenge. 


We hosted our lab's first homecoming. It was very nice seeing the old and new lab members coming together in this event. 


Prof. Cho is featured in "서울대사람들(SNU People)"  [Video]


RoboSoft 2019 has successfully ended. Thanks for coming! [The Dong-A Ilbo][Dong-A Science]


Mun-Hyeok Chang, Su-Hwan Chae, Young-June Park received "The 1st Place for Terrestrial Race" in Robosoft 2019 Competition Award. Congratulations! 


Prof. Cho delivered a plenary talk at HRI.


Joonyoung Lee/Jaemin Eom and Jongwoo Kim received two Bronze Awards from the 25th Samsung Human Tech Paper Award. Congratulations! 


Congratulations on your graduation! (Ph. D. Joonmyeong Choi, Brian Byunghyun Kang, Jong-Woo Kim, Jun-Young Lee / M.S. Jong-Hoo Park, So-Jeong Im, Jae-Hwan Kim / B.S. Young-June Park)


Our paper "Eyes are faster than hands" has been published in Science Robotics.

[ChosunBiz], [YTN Science][Eureka alert][Youtube]


We have collaborated with Hankook Tire to create a tranformable wheel for their commercial.


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